The Enigma Source

Dark Net vultures are circling around failing governments with block chain technology as their best salvation of choice.The award-winning authors Breakfield & Burkey explore the future of world commerce, cryptocurrency, and the complications that arise from creating an all-digital monetary system. Is digital currency really the way of the future? Is anyone looking out for the average man?

The Enigma Dragon - A CATS Tale

The Enigma Dragon is a chilling duel between fortune and destruction that covers four continents, twelve cities and several terrifying scenarios that will come true if the good guys can't defeat the bad guys. Enjoy the award-winning Breakfield and Burkey's techno thriller ride of analog versus digital combat that spills across the Dark Net of today's world.

The Enigma Broker

Global commodity prices are inexplicably plunging. How will the R-Group find the nefarious group responsible before the world descends into chaos? The Enigma Broker takes readers on a journey from the affluence of London to the extreme poverty of Panama and places in between. The layers of planning and conspiracy by the cruel DMO supply suspense and intrigue to the very end.

The Enigma Gamers - A CATS Tale

Cyber extortion has surfaced from the dark net. Businesses & cities are invaded by gaming avatars escaping their virtual landscape. Who’s behind this ransomware trap? The Enigma GamersCATS team, led by Julie & Juan, is committed to administering justice to evil doers in every corner of the real and virtual worlds. Breakfield and Burkey take readers into our grittier technology dependent world.

The Enigma Always

Cyber good guys are battling cyber thugs for the ability to re-engineer humans to live forever at any cost. R-Group and the CATS team must use the full range of their skills and techno savvy to find Pekoni and put a stop to him becoming the thousand-year ruler. Breakfield & Burkey take readers on an accelerated adventure with old and new characters to tell the tale of human DNA changes gone wrong.

The Enigma Stolen

The Enigma Stolen takes readers into the relevant world of Big Data and analytics. Can all the information available provide a reliable method of predicting the future? Who are the winners when humans are herded to a machine's targeted end point? Big Data controlled by cyber thugs can cause a perfect technology storm against mankind. Human choice is lost when supercomputers predict the future.

The Enigma Wratih

Machines controlling machines for fast, efficient mistakes. Add a nefarious cyber thug and you have treachery and extortion with lives at stake! In The Enigma Wraith the R-Group team expand their computing power to support their brilliant technologists. Breakfield & Burkey, serve up another captivating techno-thriller novel founded on technology but racing with romance, travel, intrigue, & humor.

The Enigma Ignite

World powers are racing to dominate military communications. Problem is, cyber thugs are trying to steal that technology and no one is playing fair. The Enigma Ignite has the R-Group's Jacob Michaels and Petra Rancowski working closely with a powerful and talented team to uncover the newest technological inroads. The technology programs they uncover results in a race against time to save lives.

The Enigma Rising

Carlos & Juan have a sweet deal going, helping drug lords & their wealth vanish. The Enigma Rising focuses on overcoming opportunistic cyber-crime in the high-stakes world of information brokering in the 21st century. With its strong cast of characters these award winning authors continue the use of a relevant technology foundation weaving in mystery, intrigue, romance, humor, and ethics.

The Enigma Factor

The Enigma Factor brings relevant technology elements of programming, encryption, crypto-currency, identity theft, and hacking to highlight the professional excellence of Jacob, more so perhaps due to his sheltered upbringing. Explore the horrific damage cyber criminals can inflict as these authors weave a complex tale of danger, intrigue, and international cyber combat