You Have To LAUGH To Keep From CRYING / How To Parent Your Parents

What would you do if you had to put your life on hold to take care of your parents?   Caregiving can seem like an verwhelming task.  In this book, you will find permission to laugh and cry.  You will also find the strength and encouragement to get up and repeat the cycle.  Charlotte has become the accidential expert.  She was the caregiver for her father-in-law with dementia, mother with ALzheimer's and her dad with Parkinson's - All at the same time.  During the Role Reversal journey, she shares how adult children can reconnect with their Aging Parents.

Authors' Revolution Workbook

An Author’s Revolution is coming.  Are you Ready?  For years Authors have depended on traditional publishing to get their books published and to receive a nice income. Sadly, not only was that not the case for most authors, with today’s publishing world, earning a fair income is becoming harder and harder to do.  It’s time to change that!