The Enigma Source


Plain Roots

James Frishkey

Shadows In The Mirror



Thirteen years after her sudden disappearance, Klara, the daughter of Eva Braun and Adolph Hitler reemerges as a rising person of influence in the political arenas of Europe and the United States.

Markov, the young KGB agent who spared Klara’s life, learns of her new identity and must decide if his decision to let her live was a mistake…one that could spawn the 4th Reich that so many had died to prevent.


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September, 1971:  Hotel Conterie – Venice, Italy

Markov had no difficulty drinking vodka and whiskey in large quantities and retaining relative  control of his actions.  Wine, on the other hand, made him a falling down drunk and when the third bottle was emptied Klara had to help him back to the hotel.  He was a big man and Klara was exhausted when she finally dumped him into bed…out like a light.

She undressed and filled the tub, hoping the warm bath would relieve the aching muscles in her back and legs.  After soaking for twenty minutes she dozed off.  No nightmares or bad thoughts interrupted her sleep.   She dreamt of the future.

The following morning, the bells from the church finally woke Markov from his drunken slumber and he stumbled to his feet.  He looked for Klara but his bladder was about to explode and he shuffled to the bathroom to relieve himself.  He stood over the toilet with his eyes closed, feeling the pressure slowly subside.  When he was finished he turned to the sink and saw the letter taped to the mirror.


When you find this letter I will be far away.  I have taken most of your money, your gun and the Volvo.  I hope I have left you enough to purchase a ticket back to Moscow.

I have given a great deal of thought as to why I am still alive.  Yes, you allowed me to live, but I am convinced there were forces that influenced your decision that we do not understand.  I have been spared to pursue a greater purpose.  I cannot allow the deaths of so many people trying to protect me to have been spent for nothing.  They must be avenged.

I sat and watched you as you slept, knowing in my heart that you should die for what you did.  I had the Beretta aimed at your temple.  All I had to do was squeeze the trigger…but I couldn’t do it.  As cruel as your actions were, you were a soldier following orders…nothing more.  I can never forgive you but I can accept that nothing was personal.  I must also acknowledge that my feelings towards you have changed…have softened.  There is good in you Vasily…find it before it is too late.

Who is to say our paths will not cross again.  I do have a destiny…a glorious destiny and I know where I must go to fulfill it.