Plain Roots


The Collapse of Russia ... A Time to Remember

Thomas Fletcher Grooms


Synopsis: | Tom Grooms, the Father of Market Intelligence, discovered the term market intelligence and spent twenty-six years developing the concept. In this master first work on market intelligence, he defines and explains the 18 key types of business intelligence.

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Chapter 1
Discovery & Origin of Market Intelligence

Chapter 2
Secret World of Government Intelligence

Chapter 3
Corporate Intelligence for Power and Wealth

Chapter 4
Game of Intelligence for Sport

Chapter 5
Complexity of Empires Built on Intelligence

Chapter 6
Secret World of Market Intelligence

Chapter 7
Market Intelligence Operations and Organization

Chapter 8
Craft of Market Intelligence

Chapter 9
The Grand Strategy of Market Intelligence

Chapter 10
What Is Next

Synopsis of Chapter 2
Secret World of Government Intelligence

The shield of Market Intelligence includes all the areas of Intelligence, Military Intelligence, Economic Intelligence, Political Intelligence, and Business Intelligence. They are separate but joined together by the glue of Market Intelligence.

To comprehend the expanse of Market Intelligence, imagine the infinity end of time or space. The concept of market Intelligence is complete and envelopes around all that is possible. Whether it is recognized or to what extent depends on the system and those who govern with authority. To admit, then to embrace, is to contain. Its acceptance depends on its reception.

The health of intelligence is based on fit. The balance achieved between its objectivity and subjectivity. The intelligence constructionist gives intelligence meaning. There is no one universal model.

What it means – The idea of Market Intelligence is the art and science of learning about what is important that effects change and outcome.