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You Have To LAUGH To Keep From CRYING / How To Parent Your Parents


"You Have To LAUGH To Keep From CRYING / How To Parent Your Parents" is a long overdue story about caring for aging seniors.  Charlotte share cared for three seniors all at the same time.  She also shares how caregiving can be a Joy not a Job and that laughter, a positive attitude are essential to being the Best Caregiver and surviving the whole journey.  Memories are all you will have left once your loved one is gone, create cherished memories now.  Charlotte is also has her Professional Spe

Covert Nursing Action!


            My Aunt Joyce, my mom's home caregiver was seventeen years younger than my Mother. She is only seven years older than me.   My Aunt always called me when something was really wrong with my parents.  My Aunt consistently checked on my parents a couple of days a week.   This call was different.

            I was at work when my aunt called.  she started

with her report. "Your Mom has a very severe rash on her leg and it is not getting better with the calamine lotion".  She explained that it looked like impetigo.  My aunt had gone to nursing school earlier in her life and felt she knew what she was seeing.

            I called my husband, Crague and we both agreed to go down in the middle of the week.  We would have to take a day off our jobs to solve this new problem.  The first thing I needed to do was line up an in-home nurse to come with us to check out mom.  Dad did not like strangers in his home.  Once before I had to hire a nurse to come give mom her medications and check on her.   The company would not send any more nurses.  (Note:   I said, 'anymore nurses previously. They had all quit due to my father's rudeness and threat to throw them out.)





            At this time in my parent's home, the living arrangements were as follows;   Dad lived in one end of the house with his bathroom.  His day consisted of moving from the bedroom to the bathroom. The rest of the day was on the couch watching John Wayne movies on VHS. 

            Mom slept in the master bedroom suite and by now had forgotten how to cook or why to cook.  She wandered around the house and  spent much time in the yard.  I suspected this is probably were she got the infection.  The rash had been left untreated for a while when we had been summoned home.  It had become real severe by the time my aunt got to see it.

            We made our plan.  Crague and I met the nurse in a nearby town about fifteen minutes from my parents.